Let’s start the adventure!

Hi everyone!

It’s my first post on this website and I am super pumped to start this journey with you guys. 😀 Before I go any further, I thought now would be a good time to tell you a bit more about why I am starting this whole thing, why now, what went on in the background before today, what my plans are and what you can expect from it going forward. There is a lot to say so just a heads-up, it’s going to be a long post!

A bit of background first.

I have been into photography for a bit more than 9 years now. It started while on a road-trip in Australia after which I bought my first camera. To be honest it sat there in my cupboard gathering dust for a few weeks and I didn’t do much with it at first. Not the best start… 😕

But in December 2014, I decided to leave the town I lived in for many years, leave my friends, my job and move to Bristol, UK. It was exciting (new country, new culture, new job, new life basically) but also a bit scary. I didn’t know anyone in Bristol and I didn’t even know the town.

That is when I really started getting into photography. It helped me explore this new city I was in and its surroundings. Taking pictures was a motivation to get out and see what was out there. Let’s face it, I needed a good deal of it to get out in the wintery British drizzle I was still adapting to.

It was also a way to keep busy the first few weeks when I was still making friends and had an embryonic social life.

Now all of the things that made me pursue photography in the first place are no longer true. I know the city pretty well, I am settled and happy where I am, but photography is still what pushes me to get out and explore. Going out there, travelling, discovering new and beautiful places really is something I love. I also enjoy the creative process that takes place after taking a shot. Post-processing is what makes a good photo truly come to life.

Being a very scientific-minded person, my creative side was close to nonexistent. Photography is slowly helping develop that side of me, which I think is great.

All of this to say that photography is now a real passion.

Why am I starting this adventure? And why now?

As with everything I do, I am trying my best to learn and improve. I have improved my photography skills and technique, my eyes are picking up on things I never would have looked at a few years back and when I go somewhere, I think photography first.

I have come a long way since I started shooting, I am getting increasingly good feedback from family and friends (but why wouldn’t they? They are friends right?) but also from complete strangers and fellow photographers. That is encouraging.

But there is still a long way to go. I want to keep progressing, I want to improve my visibility, share my work, meet people and get more feedback. After all, photography is meant to be seen and it is useless if it sits on my computer and I don’t share it with anyone.

This is why I am starting my own Instagram and Facebook pages along with this website. Each will have a different purpose but more on that later.

Working towards quality content.

I plan to only release quality content and do so regularly. I am not only talking about the purely photographic side of things. Of course I will share my pictures but I will also try to write quality articles about my thought process, try to share how I go about creating content and other aspects that don’t necessarily come to mind when you look at one of my pictures.

One key element that holds everything together and creates a coherent profile across all media is branding: choosing a name, designing a logo, having a concept, a consistent style, etc. This is what people relate to and it has to be done right, from the start.

I spent a lot of time brainstorming different ideas but as I said earlier, I am not very good at this. Fortunately for me, I have a brother who is much better at this stuff and he kindly offered to help me with it.

After several ideas and a quick internet search to make sure that name wasn’t already taken, we settled on the name Go-pixL. It combines the sense of travel with the world of photography while cleverly using my initials.

With the name out of the way, the next step was a logo. I wanted something clean that could be used on any platform at any resolution as well as for watermarks. Again, I got some help from my brother and we came up with this:


It is sleek, readable, easily identifiable and has a few subtle features that relates to photography. The square brackets on the sides should remind you of the focus point marks on a typical viewfinder. I hope you like it. 🙂

What you can expect from the different platforms.

As you know by now, I will try to be present on multiple platforms. I will use each of them differently so that people instantly know what to expect from each of them.

Instagram is where I will share most of my photographs. It is the most appropriate platform for this. As I am mostly into landscape and travel photography, this is the kind of shots you can expect from me. Shots from around Bristol, shots from my travels, but also some other things I might be inspired by.

I will use Facebook to give people some quick updates about what I am currently working on, some behind-the-scenes, teasers, etc.

This website will be used for more in-depth articles about my work, my train of thought or a project I am working on. I will also use it to post some of my work as some people don’t have Instagram or Facebook and it is the easiest way for them to access the content I am putting out there, so keep an eye on my portfolio.

Needless to say, this is my plan as of today and it will probably evolve with me as time goes by. I am confident it will be a positive experience and I can’t wait to see where it takes us.

Go-pixL taking pictures

So without further ado, let’s pick up that camera and start the adventure! Let me know what you guys think! 😉

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